Training-Writeshop on the Project SE7EN by SE7EN of Alternative Learning System (Phase 1 & 2)

SE7EN by SE7EN as an innovation in enhancing the functional literacy of ALS learners provides seven (7) weeks of experiential learning for seven (7) junior high school/elementary ALS learners. Seven (7) ALS teachers will facilitate the literacy session using the principle of team teaching in seven (7) Learning Strands (Including LS 1- English and Filipino). Seven (7) contextualized detailed lesson plans per learning strand with integration across/within learning strand and the application of differentiate instructions will be crafted by the seven (7) ALS teachers to produce seven (7) work samples per learning strand and seven (7) learning projects to provide holistic approach in developing the functional literacy skills of the seven (7) ALS learners.

During this pandemic there is a decrease in the completion rate and portfolio validation qualifiers for the last two years. It is for this reason that the proponent conceptualized the SE7EN by SE7EN project. It is designed to provide short term recovery program for ALS learners by planning for the proper literacy intervention suitable to every need of learners based on their functional literacy test results. The proponent believes that this innovation will enhance the chances of ALS learners to qualify during the validation of learners’ portfolio.