Project CoDEx – Content Development Expert (Illustration of Storybooks)

 Pursuant to DepEd Order no. 43 s. 2013 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 10533) and DepEd order no. 50 s.2012 the National Program thar supports the thrust to the Department of Education to make every child a reader at his/her grade level. This project will support the attainment of Education For All (EFA) and the purpose is to eliminate the non-readers in the first three-grade level. The output of this project will help the learners to become independent young readers. Furthermore, designed in the urgent needs to improve the reading materials in the schools division specifically in the wake of the country’s commitment to the 2030 reform agenda for sustainable development goals “ ensure no child gets left behind”. This aims to fill the gap between difficulties in the improvement of reading materials and to propose localized measures that could help to solve the problem encountered.

   Division Workshop for Illustrators was conducted last July 21-23, 2022. Primarily, project CoDEx is a composite project team that is composed of illustrators, Cartoonist, Lay-out Artist, Editors, QA reviewers, Technical Personnel, and Circulation manager LRMS who will be taken charge in the development and production of LRs eg. Storybooks and instructional resources (LRs).