The Wonder of ChemTwistic Tube: Teaching a Unique way of Balancing Chemical Equations

The biggest challenge of technology is sustainability. Since the advent of modern science, mankind has struggled to cope up with time and changes but still managed to survive and prevail.

It is for these challenges and changes that education continues to instill knowledge and skills in modern science so the younger generations can cope up with the fast-changing world. Seemingly, the clock’s hands are always on the run and that we , humans are rushing to finish line with such frantic motion that we need to make everything possible. Therefore, we create innovate approaches.

The Masbate National Comprehensive High School Science teachers joins the 2nd DOST Search for Innobox Project last August 30,2019. It aims to develop an innovative teaching materials that help struggling students in competencies that are least learned. One of the least learned topics in Grade 10 Science is solving Stoichiometry. This topic includes balancing chemical equations which is introduced in Grade 10 and continued to Grade 11 Physical Science. Teachers in this grade levels see the importance of mastery of this topic among the students since the level of difficulty increases as they proceed to the next grade level.

Thus, the birth of ChemTwistic Tube.

It is a puzzle in form of lock and key mechanism incorporating different chemical equations, twistable puzzle and tic hand movement of students that enhance their cognitive development and critical thinking skills. this learning material aims to develop a teaching- learning resource in a form of interactive puzzle that will be used by Science teachers in teaching the concepts of balancing equations with the expectation of enhancing students’ academic performance and mastery of the lesson. It also promotes 4 Cs of the 21st century learning: creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

ChemTwistic is divided into three major parts: key base, key and equation rings. The keyway base and key are made of wood and the equation rings are made of bamboo. These indigenous materials are found in the areas of Masbate, so, this material is eco-friendly and localized. The equation rings are inserted to the keyway base and a ring stopper attaches to fasten the rings. The key then, is inserted following the ridges of the keyway base and rotating equations rings. To unlock the puzzle, the students twist the rotating parts guided by the knowledge of balancing chemical equation. The number of atoms in the reactant side should be balanced to the number of atoms on the product side. Only ne arrangement makes all six chemical equations valid.


This indeed, enhances students’ critical thinking and numeracy skills in solving stoichiometry problems, which when used multiple times may allow mastery of the lesson. Out of 236 entries for the secondary level, this innovation was selected as one of the top 5 qualifiers and the proponents: Rezy L. Esquillo, Aileen L. Poldo, Michelle J. Camposano, Nilvelyn M. Morada, and Arthur R. Esquillo were invited for the Project Pitching in Madaluyong City.

Modern times require modern approaches. Therefore , we must all think of ways to make things better and to help others achieve a comfortable way of living. Modern inventions are still the best solution to difficult endeavors.