Project DANGAL (Developing Acumen for Nationalism to Gain Authentic Learning) designs the concept of an interplay among learning areas in promoting the value of Nationalism. Its  milestones spoke for approval process connecting to the crafted contextualized module/ lesson exemplars across curriculum conducted through a write shop last December 3-6, 2019 for intermediate and for secondary on April 6-8,2022 even furthered through presentations, try out, quality assurance, validation and finalization for utilization. The materials feature the essence of integrative learning where students are provided opportunities to expound experiences in the community and conceptualize their roles as Filipino citizens who love their country passionately. While nationalism is defined as loyalty and devotion to a nation or a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on the promotion of its culture and heritage, many of our learners forget what this definition entails. Superficial manifestations of patriotism among our learners during flag raisings are dismal reality voicing a gloomy claim for nationalistic learners. More so, poor habit of reading history books among teachers and learners is prevalent, thus, our learners seemingly descend from the ideal sorts of generating information and ideas set in the pages of history to reaffirm gallantry of our heroes. Lest all perish for the love of our country, the promotion of our culture and heritage should be enlarged to suggest clear manifestations and inculcations of nationalism among our learners.

Embarking to augment scanty learning materials in Araling Panlipunan, Project DANGAL envisions to promote nationalism through integration in core learning areas. The endeavor is seen to bring more interest and oddity if such assimilations define the principle of teaching Mathematics 4, Science 5 and English 6 and later in the implementation of DANGAL 2.0 intende across Araling Panlipunan noting that nature of these subjects is challenging and braving to make it happen is what our time demands for. Thus, selected writers were trained to select competencies in the Curriculum Guides which can be contextualized and can be deepened with nationalism. The materials are expected for utilization in the city schools of Masbate and shall be stored in the portals of LRMDS in the Masbate City Division which is seen to be replicated in all other learning areas not covered by the project. Designed parallel to the concept of a constructivist heart, such learning materials conspire with what the 21st teaching-learning mandates emphasized in the K-12 curriculum.



Pre-Implementation (Milestone 1)

· A Thought for Relevant Curriculum Design:  All must start with a wider imagination on how things would flow in looking for opportunity to enrich the knowledge of job descriptions. Taking the boat in the sand would rescind its purpose to cross the sea.  More so, writing a rationale that would capture the inner side of nationalistic individuals has to say.

· A Test of Patience and Fortitude: It’s the persistent worth that defines determination to pursue what has been planned despite odds but the twist ended in an inspiring kindness of the SDS to approve the project proposal sans hesitation.

· A Ponder for an Element of Luck: Coordinating with the LRMDS Education Program Supervisor entails discussion on possible slice of its budget. It took significant relevance of DANGAL project to connive in the contextualization activities pursued by LRMDS with budget.

· A Choice of Potent Materials. Scouting of names of writer teachers and school heads from among the peers is an advantage. Qualifying recommendations is worth the effort validated by the recommendations of school heads and PSDSs. Much more of getting the expertise of school heads who were once your students and known for their worth of endeavour to be part of the effort especially in the feedback gathering during the presentation and try out sessions.

Implementation Phase (Milestone 2)

· Embracing the Will for a Way. The axiom that says; “If there’s a Will, There’s a Way” is real. Regardless of unavailability of resource persons, the show must go on. The absence of some resource persons who were on an equally important dealings in the last minute should not be a reason for postponement. Lest all be terminated, the option is for the proponent to study all topics prior to the event and be ready to discuss the subject matter and do the best delivery herself to offset the unavailability of resource persons. More so, it pays to have an option if the worst takes place.

Post Implementation Phase (Milestone 3)

·         Patience is a Virtue: Distribution of the crafted materials (DANGAL Learning Modules in Math 4, Science 5 and English 6 and later for Mathematics 7, Science 8 and English 9 were distributed to the schools for utilization and later for monitoring of its utilization. There seems a neglect of orientation by the school heads as to when should the materials be used  as monitoring should be done. Moste teachers would ask on the availability of materials during the monitoring phase which is absurd.The materials may not be sufficient, but schools can reproduce more copies as needed.

·         The implementation of the DANGAL may not come in all grace and glamor but its not about perfection, it is about effort and when you bring that effort   every single day, that’s where transformation happens, that’s how change occurs. It is an axiom taken from Jillian Michaels where in any project such as the concept of DANGAL, there is more to consider and reconsider as well as learning more and relearning and even unlearning what seems resulted unfavorable along the way.